SOCIS Summary

I would like to thank the European Space Agency for SOCIS and my mentors
Sreeraj Rajendran and Charles Dietlein for their invaluable support!

Two GNU Radio blocks have been created. The TFModel block is used for loading TensorFlow models, for use in
Automatic Modulation Classification. The Vis3D block is used for visualising data in 3D, such as the FAM data from the gr-specest block.

Additionally two model classifiers were created, which will be moved into the examples/ directory of the gr-inspector repository, once I have improved their accuracy.

I have been working on adding more Doxygen to the blocks, along with adding an example combining Sebastian’s excellent signal separation blocks with the TensorFlow AMC block.

The TensorFlow block and Visualisation block have now been merged into the
master repository of gr-inspector.

If you have any questions or find any issues with my blocks please feel free to give me an e-mail (I will also be monitoring
the gr-inspector issues page, for any improvements/bugs with which I can help)

chrisrichardsonuk [at]




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