Updates and bug fixes

Visualisation block

I have renamed the FamVis block to Vis3d, as it would be capable of use outside of graphing FAM

I have added an fps parameter to this block, to enable you to control the frames per second, if
the block obtains more vectors than can be displayed, they are simply ignored.

Additionally the x,y,z labels for the axis can now be labelled via parameters for the block.



I have been updating the CMake files, I’m now using FindOpenGL.cmake to search for the OpenGL library paths.

I also fixed a CMake warning message pertaining to relative paths, by setting a CMake policy.


I have been working on adding doxygen documentation for the model generation code, along with the Vis3D block.

I’m currently just trying to determine why the documentation is being duplicated in GRC.

git rebase

I rebased my dev_amc branch off Sebastian’s master, so that next week we can hopefully merge it into the master repository.

To Do

  • Determine why documentation in GRC is being duplicated
  • Ensure code is fully commented
  • Merge code to master

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