Visualisation flow graph

This week I have primarily been working on a way to visualise the output from the FAM cyclic spectrum estimator block.

The following flowgraph examples/amc_famvis.grc is used to initialise the famvis 3D visualisation block I made, making use of 8PSK to test the visualisation. I made use of Qwtplot3D, so it is necessary to install that to use the visualisation.


Installation guide


  • Currently you can’t zoom or rotate the 3D graph, I’m just trying to fix this issue (the flow graph will terminate if you click on the animated graph)
  • I need to enable the graph to take arbitrary size FAM input, so that there will be parameters to take different vector lengths
  • Axis need to be labelled based on parameters

Videos of different modulation schemes from the famvis block




Fixing RNG in model generation

I also noticed there was a bug in the random number generation in my model generation code, because I am using multiple python processes to run flow-graphs simultaneously, the processes run at the same time were obtaining the same random number sequence. I have fixed this by reseeding the random number generator for each process. This has altered the accuracy so I’m currently still working on the FAM & CNN model generation code.


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